Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Laptops Alienware ads Klipsch to M17x

Laptops Alienware ads Klipsch to M17x
Laptops Alienware ads Klipsch to M17x
For the first time the high end manufacturer of speakers, Klipsch will feature in the design of a new high end laptop. Alienware are well known for seeking out top of the range products, so it seems that speaker maker Klipsch who are part of the Audiovox group fit right into plans of Alienware for the new M17x gaming laptop.

Here are some of the details from the recent Klipsch press release;

INDIANAPOLIS (March 11, 2011) – Klipsch®, a leading global speaker manufacturer, announces it is working with Alienware to provide a premium audio experience in the high-performance gaming laptop manufacturer’s first 3D-capable gaming laptop. The M17x is the first release in Alienware’s gaming laptop series featuring audio powered by Klipsch to give gamers sound quality superior to anything they’ve ever heard in a built-in laptop speaker.

Klipsch is no stranger to the PC-gaming community and understands that intense game play and gripping storylines demand high-powered audio. For nearly 10 years, the company’s acclaimed THX®-certified ProMedia 2.1 have been the de facto speakers in the gaming community. Klipsch’s experience in delivering high-powered sound in a small package for gamers made the company the perfect partner for Alienware’s latest project.

Prices will start from $1,500