Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Laptop Carefully

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Laptop
laptops have now replaced dogs as man’s best friend. We just can’t live without it anymore. Everywhere you go you can see people toting their laptops, people in cafes browsing or chatting with friends and college students in the library doing research on their laptops. Laptops have now become an ubiquitous sight. There is a wide range of laptop styles, sizes, colors, brands and specifications to choose from. Buying a laptop can be a little difficult, especially for first timers. I have here a guide that can help you choose the right laptop.

Processor speed
It is really annoying to have to wait 10-15 minutes or longer for your computer to boot up. A good processor with higher clock speed will help you handle heavy applications like multimedia players. The more speed a laptop has, the faster it can process the data it receives. Key point is the faster the processor is the faster your computer will be.

This is the first thing that you should consider. What will the laptop be used for? Will it be for gaming? Is it for browsing? Is it just for typing? If you are a gamer then you need a high powered laptop. It should have the most advanced processor, lots of memory, and its own video card, preferably not below 1M.However, if the laptop is just for plain browsing and texting then 1M memory will suffice and no need for a dedicated video card.

Battery life
Check for a laptop that has battery which lasts long, especially if you travel a lot. It is a big hassle to work on the laptop only for it to just shut down a little later because of lack of power. Working on your laptop will only last one to two hours, and it will last a shorter time especially when you are playing games because it will consume more energy. You may want to purchase an extra battery pack if you can’t find a laptop that has a long battery life.

Screen size
If you are used to a desktop computer then you might want to purchase a laptop with a large screen sixe. A 15″ monitor is the standard in the industry but there are other companies such as Dell which have laptops with 17″, 19″ or 20″ screens on certain models.

Warranty and Service plan
This is very important because no matter how much care we give our laptop, bad things happen and they can happen to good people. Computer companies and resellers have offer warranties and service plans. there are many options for repair. There are companies which have you send the laptop to them if something goes wrong, others might have you take the laptop to the service depot and others might actually send service persons to your house and repair it on the spot. some repairs might take 3-5 days and others longer so make sure that you understand the terms and make sure that you can live for that period of time without your laptop. Dell, for example has a great plan which lets get your laptop the very next business day.
Most computer manufacturers offer a 1-year or 2-year warranty upon purchase of the laptop and they give customers an opportunity to renew service and parts warranty once it has expired. Others may not, though, so ask. Certain warranties also become void if liquid is spilled on the laptop or if it is dropped, even if both were done accidentally.

Networking features
Wireless internet access is one of the most appealing features of laptops today. With wireless access, you can get on the Internet wherever there is a hotspot. A hotspot is an area that the public is allowed to use an Internet signal, whether free or not. You can also sign up with ISP, set up a home network and access the Internet anywhere in your house. Most laptops have built in wireless cards capable of wireless 802.11b,g, and n.

Set a budget
Have an amount set in your mind so as not to go overboard and ruin your whole budget. There are really some brands which are more expensive than others even if they pretty much have the same specifications. Mac, for instance, is one of the expensive brands. When buying a laptop do not go for brand, or price. Check and buy a laptop according to specification, that way you can be sure you’re getting good value for your money.

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