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Toshiba Qosmio E15-AV101 Laptop Review

Toshiba Qosmio E15-AV101 Laptop Review
The Basics :
When is a notebook not just a notebook? When it's one of Toshiba's new Qosmio notebooks. Distinctive from other mobile computers by virtue of its strong multimedia attributes and easy adaptability to home entertainment setups, the Qosmio E15-AV101 is a super portable package that impresses in virtually any environment. Powerful, exceedingly versatile, and packed with cutting-edge amenities, the Qosmio E15-AV101 is well-suited to discriminating individuals with a passion for multimedia.

The Qosmio E15-AV201 features a 15-inch diagonal wide-screen XGA LCD with TruBrite.

Processor :
At the heart of any computer lies the CPU (or processor), a massive collection of miniature transistors that governs the speed and power of the entire unit. Some of today's notebooks are equipped with high-end CPUs on par with those found in top-of-the-line desktop PCs, while others are quick enough only for basic duties such as word processing, e-mail, and the like. The Qosmio E15-AV101 is equipped with an Intel Pentium M processor 735 running at 1.7 GHz. This is one of three components that comprise Intel's efficient Centrino system, the others being a specialized Intel chipset and integrated wireless support. Centrino-equipped notebooks are generally smaller, easier on the batteries, and more versatile than their non-Centrino counterparts. This particular CPU is part of Intel's new, upgraded Pentium M lineup, featuring an amazing 2 MB of Level 2 cache for extremely fast access to recently opened files and applications. Though its overall speed is not on par with that of a high-end Intel Pentium 4 processor, this CPU will easily handle all common tasks while at the same time improving battery life.

Memory :
Computers typically store information on their hard drives, but they keep frequently and recently accessed data in random access memory (RAM) for faster retrieval. More RAM means more efficient computing, superior multitasking, and less strain on your hard drive. The Qosmio E15-AV101 incorporates 512 MB of fast PC2700 DDR333 SDRAM memory. Though ultrademanding users may want to expand this total to the unit's boggling maximum of 2,048 MB, the stock allotment of RAM is more than enough for the vast majority of situations.

Video :
CPUs are usually so busy doing basic calculations that they need help translating visual output to the screen. This is the duty of the graphics card (or graphics controller). A graphics controller with dedicated video memory is preferable to a controller that "shares" the system's main memory, as it will better handle complex procedures. This system's graphics controller is an nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 with 64 MB of dedicated DDR video memory. This is considered a strong notebook graphics chipset, delivering topnotch images and smooth frame rates to virtually any 2-D and most 3-D applications, including many of today's most popular 3-D games. Super-serious gamers may want to upgrade to an even more powerful 3-D card, though most users will be quite satisfied as is.

Display :
You'll love the way your images look on the system's 15-inch XGA display. Featuring Toshiba's TruBrite technology for a better, brighter picture than with typical notebooks, a maximum resolution of 1,024 by 768 pixels, and extra-wide viewing angles, this display is ready for any environment and source.

Hard Disk :
The Qosmio E15-AV101 features a massive 80 GB of hard disk space. This level of data storage is a welcome perk indeed for those who want to operate a broad range of applications and also keep a large library of space-gobbling music and multimedia files.
The QosmioPlayer allows video and audio entertainment with the press of the button.
The SuperDrive reads and writes most popular DVD/CD formats (+/-RW and RAM).

Optical Drive :
An optical drive is essential in today's computing environment. A CD-ROM drive allows you to install CD-based applications and play music CDs. A CD-RW drive adds CD burning, so you can also back up your important files to long-lasting discs and create personalized music CDs. With a DVD-ROM drive you can watch DVD movies. And with a DVD-RW drive, you can write home movies to durable discs and archive files to DVDs, which boast more than seven times the storage capacity of CDs. Some drives allow you to do a combination of all of these tasks. This system features a DVD-Super-Multi drive that supports all of the above in each of today's most common CD and DVD formats.

Audio :
The system features an integrated audio processor that mimics the spatial awareness of surround sound and two larger-than-average Harman-Kardon speakers for powerful mobile stereo output.

Keyboard and Controls :
The system features an integrated audio processor that mimics the spatial awareness of surround sound and two larger-than-average Harman-Kardon speakers for powerful mobile stereo output.

Connectivity and Expansion :
Whether you prefer wireless or corded connections, the Qosmio E15-AV101 is ready for anything the present or future may bring. The unit offers a wide variety of ways to keep in touch, including a standard dialup 56K data/fax modem for low-speed communication, an IntelPRO/100 VE network connection for high-speed wired networking and Internet, and integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (802.11b/g) for cordless e-communication at home, at the office, or on the road via local public hotspots. Other key amenities include four high-speed USB 2.0 ports for plug-and-play devices such as external drives and digital cameras, Bluetooth 1.1 technology for interaction with wireless peripherals, an i.LINK 1394 FireWire port (commonly used for quick data uploads from digital camcorders), futuristic S-video and component TV-out ports, and a digital audio-out (SPDIF) connection. Furthermore, all critical connections are positioned at the rear of the unit for clean lines and easy home entertainment setup.

Operating System and Software :
Toshiba has fitted the Qosmio E15-AV101 with Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004. Similar to the standard Windows XP but with several enhancements geared to the multimedia fan, this is one of today's most advanced operating systems. Other applications include Intuit's Quicken New User Edition 2004 financial center, Microsoft's Office OneNote 2003 note-taking and management program, and several operational, multimedia, and online utilities.

Dimensions and Weight :
Notebook computers are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and weights. Many of today's most powerful notebooks are also the largest, weighing ten or twelve pounds or more, therefore too big and cumbersome for extensive, continuous traveling. These are often referred to as "desktop replacements." On the other extreme are "thin and lights" or "ultraportables," super-miniaturized units that typically aren't as powerful as their larger brethren but weigh as little as two pounds and will often fit comfortably inside a large purse. At 13.31 by 11.22 by 1.70 inches and 8.17 pounds without AC adapter, the Qosmio E15-AV101 is of average size.

Power :
The unit is equipped with a six-cell lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 2.35 hours between charges. This is a shorter life expectancy than for many notebooks utilizing Intel's efficient Centrino technology, though not entirely unexpected given the system's impressive capabilities.
Product Description
Includes: 6-cell 3600mAh lithium-ion battery, AC adapter, Harmon/Kardon stereo speakers, remote control, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004, Office OneNote 2003, WinDVD Creator 2 Platinum, Norton AntiVirus 2004, & more. Toshiba Qosmio AV Notebook PC - The Qosmio (pronounced koss-mee-oh) is a mobile computing and entertainment device that contains 4 different devices in 1! It's your computer, TV, DVD player and home stereo! To control all of these great functions, the Qomio has Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition 2004 operating system. It gives you a TV style interface that's remote control operated. 512MB of DDR SDRAM (expandable to 2GB) 2 RAM Slots (0 available) 15 LCD XGA enhanced TruBrite display Native Resolution - 1024x768 80GB HDD DVD SuperMulti Drive (Write Speeds) - up to 8x DVD-R, 8x DVD+R, 4x DVD-RW, 4x DVD+RW, 3x DVD-RAM, 24x CD-R, & 10x CD-RW DVD SuperMulti Drive (Read Speeds) - up to 8x DVD-ROM & 24x CD-ROM NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 graphics with 64MB of RAM Integrated TV Tuner SRS WOW & TruSurround XT Technology Bridge Media Adapter - Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, and xD Integrated v.92 Fax Modem Ports - 10/100 Ethernet, 4 USB 2.0, 1 FireWire, TV Out (S-Video & Component Y/Pb/Pr), TV In (S-Video & Composite), Composite Monitor In, Antenna In, & S/PDIF Optical Audio Out with Dolby Digital 1 PCMCIA PC Card Slot - Supports 1 Type II PC Card

Technical Details :

* Intel Pentium M Processor 735 (1.7 GHz)
* 2MB L2 Cache
* 400MHz FSB
* Built-in 802.11g Wireless LAN Adapter
* Bluetooth Enabled

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