Monday, April 11, 2011

Lenovo Classmate Plus PC"Netbook Specs"

Lenovo Classmate Plus PC
Lenovo : has decided to release their version of the training netbook based solutions Intel Classmate PC, calling his device Lenovo Classmate + PC. This 10-inch model on the basis of processor Intel Atom N455, it is enclosed in a housing rounded shape with a handle.

The model is rather simple and is unlikely to be prohibitively expensive, although the price can affect the presence of protective options, such as high strength, anti-bacterial coating keyboard and so on, which probably have a Lenovo Classmate +. However, the exact price is not reported, and the delivery device in the school will begin this spring.

Specs of Lenovo Classmate PC:

* Display: 10.1-inch
* Processor: Intel Atom N455
* Operating system: Windows 7
* Memory: 1 / 2 GB
* Storage: 8 / 16 GB (SSD) or 160/250 GB (HDD)
* Communications: Wi-Fi, Ethernet
* Web-camera: 1.3 Mp
* Ports: USB 2.0×3, RJ45, VGA, microphone, headphones
* Card Reader 4-in-1
* Battery: 3/6-element
* Dimensions: 267.6×237.22×29.9×34.7 mm
* Weight: 1.33 / 1.54 kg (3/6-element battery)