Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alienware M14x Announced New Powerhouse

Alienware M14x Announced New Powerhouse
The Alienware is one of the most powerful brand of desktops and laptops in the world, out-performing any other brand with style and insane hardware. I bet, every single one of you who has ever read about the Alienware laptops and desktops would like to own one. The pricing is pretty insane too, but that’s how much you have to pay to get the best.

Alienware’s range of laptops include the M11x, the M15x and the M17x, all of them packed with the best in hardware and skin. There’s a new one now, and it’s called the M14x, a new powerhouse between the smaller M11x and the bigger M17x. For those who aren’t happy with the M11x and it’s not so powerful hardware can now opt in for the M14x.

The M14x is not a small performer, it has a very powerful line-up of hardware to take care of your gaming and multi-tasking needs while providing a good portable experience too. The official

specifications for the laptop are the following:

* Intel i3-2310M, choice of processors up to i7-2820QM
* Choice of up to 12GB DDR3 1033 or 1600MHz RAM
* 250-750GB of HDD storage, 256GB SSD Storage
* Two display options, 14″ Full-HD 1920×1080 or 14″ 1366×768
* 8 cell battery for extra backup
* Nvidia GT555M 3GB graphics
* LTE/ WiMax 4G Included for super fast connectivity and much more..

Dell hasn’t give any word on the pricing yet nor have they mentioned any details as to when it will be launched. Hope this alien piece of hardware won’t be as pricey as the M15x.